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Career Transition

Executive Fast-track Market Engagement (EFME)

If you find yourself on the market and in career transition and want to increase the number of interesting conversations you are having, have a look at the tailor made service we have created below.

Executive Fast-track Market Engagement (EFME)

At TNH we have developed a fast-track personalised service for business leaders who are looking to explore career opportunities.


If you are at the end of a cycle with your current employer, have risen to the top but now wish to explore market opportunities, sold your business and want to re-engage with owners, entrepreneurs, global corporations and private equity firms or simply are just curious what the market holds for you…we have crafted a tailor-made market engagement service for you.


We flip the executive search model and engage our research team to work for you and help unleash your networking opportunities.


We believe at the Executive level there are more opportunities on the invisible job market than the visible one. It’s always a difficult decision for a Chairman to exit a CEO or for a CEO to let go of their COO, very often by meeting the right candidate it can spark the train of thought to make this decision! These are the conversations we believe you should be having!


At TNH we believe in the power of conversations and connecting like-minded people. Through our facilitation service we help you explore and engage with leaders and influencers who are interested in confidential conversations with executive talent.


We dedicate a research team, define a strategy and agree deliverables as we help create your personalised process.


Typically we look at creating a list of key influencers and business leaders sourced from our network and community coupled with identifying relevant new contacts through research.


We collaborate and discuss the best way to approach and engage with the list to make the most powerful presentation of your skills, experience, profile and areas of interest for your next career challenge.


We aim to secure conversations for you as we look to identify potential prospects and opportunities. This typically has a successful outcome of numerous conversations that may be about concrete opportunities, confidential replacement roles, Board work, Interim assignments or just conversations for the future.


We help guide, brief and prepare you through the process. In our experience many leaders need help in getting “interview & market fit” as although they have hired hundreds of people over the years it may have been 15 years plus since their last interview!


We care and are here to help. With our knowledge, experience and personal touch we are motivated to help make this process as beneficial and educational as possible. Although there are no guarantees on specific outcomes we do drive a 100% appreciation and satisfaction with the process.


The service fee is based on time and resource and tailor made for the executive. Pricing starts at 3,750€ and we estimate an 8 week period of intense work, engagement and follow ups, with weekly update calls and deliverable tracking.

The TNH have developed a toolkit to help ensure you are market ready and engaging with the market to give you the best chance possible for conversations with decision makers and influencers, read more…

Executives In Career Transition

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