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Executives In Career Transition

“A proactive way to source your next challenge”

Going through Transition whether by choice or forced is a challenging time for any executive. Ultimately your network will provide you with the most relevant opportunities, but is your network and your profile fit for this purpose?

We at TNH have developed a toolkit to help ensure you are market ready and engaging with the market to give you the best chance possible for conversations with decision makers and influencers.

If you find yourself on the market and in career transition and want to increase the number of interesting conversations you are having, have a look at the tailor made service we have created below.

Executive Fast-track Market Engagement (EFME)

Visibility Quotient

Our Diagnostic tool helps us understand where your gaps are and to rate your expected ability to find the next challenge. Your social capital is key in creating new discussions and opportunities.

Continue to our Diagnostic Tool


Stage two of the diagnostic process you will be invited to a free consultation, so we can learn more about you and your current situation, the strategies you are using and your aspirations.

Your Analysis

Following our analysis we will send you our assessment and recommendations on where we can fill the gaps. If we feel we can help, you will be invited to collaborative strategy building.

Collaborative Strategy

Our diagnostics method analyses the strength of your network, your personal brand awareness and your visibility, we will create a tailor made solution based to ensure you are market ready.

Raising your Profile

We look at your profile your social media presence, Headhunter network, and recommend clear steps to get you “market fit” to increase the number of conversations you are experiencing.

Research and Go to Market Approach

We engage our research team to map out other relevant decisions makers outside of your network whom you should be networking with and together agree the best way to reach out.


We don’t guarantee placements but tangible research recommending where you need to focus your time and efforts, so you come out of the process armed and ready to approach the market.

We reserve the right to say we can’t help as in some cases due to markets or sectors we may not be able to add value. We will always be honest and make recommendations where we can, but we can’t help everybody.


Our methodology is based on decades of our combined experiences in Executive Search.  We apply strategies we’ve used to help executives in transition who remain an intrinsic part of our network and journey.  We truly understand the power of teamwork, each member playing their own unique role and utilising their strengths. Our collaborative approach enables our executives to gain control in what can be an emotional ride, impacting all the foundations in our lives.

Mark Hamill


Mark is considered a thought leader in talent acquisition across mature and emerging markets, and specialises in C-suite roles, CEO succession, and Board development across multiple sectors, Mark is a firm believer and advocate of ‘Care’ within executive search, and passionate that relationships made are for life. Nomadic by nature and having lived in seven countries over the last ten years, Mark is happiest whilst having a meal, a coffee or the occasional pint of Murphy’s talking to business leaders across the world.

Mark has been involved in executive search since 1999. During his career he has placed over 500 executives and he works across all practice groups. Mark began his career at Heineken; serving the company in a variety of commercial roles both in Ireland and in Central Europe. In 1999, he himself was “headhunted” for a job in the executive search sector and has never looked back.

Mark says that he guides his career by the creed: we need to be too hungry to fail and to value always the trust put in us to deliver. He comments that his wife has been the biggest inspiration in his career; noting that she has always provided the support and balanced he needs for his chaotic life. Mark says that she is totally honest, loving and driven and that he learns from her every day.

Alice Bradley

Alice has over 20 years experience in the executive search industry, an industry that enables the transition of executive talent globally, impacting economies and lives. Both Alice and Mark’s philosophy is to build relationships that goes beyond the search. With an industry centred on people, they understand that with the highs come the lows, they have supported and mentored hundreds of executives during one of the most challenging times in their lives.

Eight years ago they started to look deeply into how they could help executives in transition. Mark was continuously taking the initial impact of pain told by executives who were sharing their cold experiences caused by the rejection of the search world, and so they made it their mission to change that perception, and developed various models, strategies, partnered with external resources to truly harness all the foundations of what transition meant.

Alice is passionate about continuous and personal development, after recently graduating as a mature student with a first class honours in Business & Management, her efforts are now training towards her first marathon in 2020.

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