How The Naked Headhunter (TNH) can support VC’s and Founders with its tailor-made start-up business model

How The Naked Headhunter (TNH) can support VC’s and Founders with its tailor-made start-up business model

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If you are a start-up or a VC looking to bring senior hires into your start-up, The Naked Headhunter offers a flexible fee model that may suit your needs.

The Naked Headhunter is a disruptive search firm whose executives are amongst the most senior and experienced in the industry.

We define our role more broadly than the traditional recruiters. Whilst always happy to work with well-established companies, we would also like to create sustainable partnerships with the companies who represent tomorrow’s successes, start-ups who are just making the leap from small to serious.

Their need for top talent, whether as CEO, COO or CTO etc. is the same as any established company. These people are attracted by the equity opportunity, rather than by the (usually) modest cash rewards. However, the cost of a top headhunter on top of this can be daunting. As a result start-ups may seek shortcuts, relying on personal contacts, not go through a rigorous process and risk ending off with a sub-optimal candidate.

Recognizing that cash flow may be an issue at the recruitment stage, we can be flexible in how we are paid. A small upfront payment will always be needed to cover basic expenses (typically £10,000). The engagement fee ensures that TNH can focus on building a best-fit short-list of talent for you to meet and assess within 45 days, and aim to secure the preferred candidate by day 75.

The balance of the fees can then be given as a loan, to be repaid either at the next fund-raising round or after an agreed period of time. Alternatively, an offer of equity in lieu of cash can be agreed. In all cases the model will be tailor-made.

The equity alternative clearly demonstrates TNH’s commitment to finding the right talent and helping make the business a success. The better we do at recruiting the ideal candidate, the better we will both profit. Equity would be on the same terms as the ESOP offered to the candidate we recruit and be part of the company’s employee option program.

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