Looking For Your Next Challenge – Executive Transition

Looking For Your Next Challenge – Executive Transition

Have you sold your business? End of your earn-out? Squeezed out in an acquisition? Facing a new Private Equity owner? Just fancy a new challenge? Whatever the case once those seeds of needing/wanting a change appear it’s time to take action.

Here are my thoughts over 20 years working in search of how you can help identify that next career challenge.

1. The most likely source of your next role will come from somebody who already knows you …get busy, get networking, target 3 catch ups a week as an example

2. A search firm can help but don’t rely on them unless they operate a proactive facilitation service of connecting you with potential influencers/decision makers *this is something The Naked Headhunter can provide, but getting on the radar of the reputable search firms in your field is definitely advisedmple

3. You will need to sweat your network, look at previous colleagues, bosses, clients, board members, advisors, everyone who liked you and saw you inaction is a potential reference to another decision maker; get proactive, schedule coffees, meals, calls, people are busy but everyone enjoys catching up with someone they value

4. Plan it and be aware it can take 9-12 months to engineer the right challenge for you…it can of course happen tomorrow but I see transition periods generally for C-suite take up to a 12 month period…

5. Don’t wait til it’s too late…get started while you are comfortable and ensure you have that external network in place

I am here to help if anyone wants to explore more or needs more hand holding through this.

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