Tips on Career Transition

Tips on Career Transition

Tips on Career Transition:  What to Monitor When You Are Out of the Work Environment. 


1. Learning never stops: take time to invest in learning something new. This can involve acquiring knowledge, skills or experience that you never had time to gain, while you were working 40+ hours a week.

2. Don’t forget your networks:  most likely, you’re not the first person to transition, so pick the brains of your professional network (in a discrete, professional way) to learn how others have dealt with and overcome any challenges you might be experiencing. In turn, make sure you are there for them, should they (or others) come back to you with similar requests for support.

3. Establish your personal brand: this will require some reflection.  Find time to take yourself out of “the process” and make self-evaluations. Think about what your strengths are, both functional and leadership, what achievements you are most proud of, what drives you and what you enjoy most, etc. This will help you to define what you stand for.

4. Enjoy the exposure:  While you are in transition, you have the privilege of getting exposed to the business processes of other industries and an opportunity to meet executives from different companies. Make the most of this with every potential job you are interested in. Research everything you can about the company, the brands and the people you’ll be meeting.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail:  you will get rejections – 9 out of 10 prospects do!  It hurts, but you need to learn how to go on, grow from the experience and do better next time. Don’t take it personally and, most importantly, keep moving and don’t give up on your ambitions.

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