TNH Recruits key leadership talent for Fast Track restaurant operator Amrest

TNH Recruits key leadership talent for Fast Track restaurant operator Amrest

The Naked Headhunter who specialise in C-suite leadership roles and Board appointments within fast track scaling businesses is proud to complete recent executive searches for Amrest. 

AmRest is a European fast food and casual dining restaurant operator. The company was primarily based in Wroclaw but in 2018 it changed its seat to Madrid and operates in Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, Russia, China, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, France, Germany and the United States. AmRest runs more than 1600 restaurants and operates brands; Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Sushi Shop, La Tagliatella.

“I had the honor of meeting Mark in person for the first time in 2016.

I was a newly appointed CPO on a mission to enable AmRest growth strategy through equipping it with the right talent. Doubling the business in 3 years is an ambitious plan, so having quickly done the math for number of people, especially leaders needed, I realized internal promotions (despite being 86%) will not be enough. I needed external blood.
AmRest is known for its unique WJN culture:
Challenging, entrepreneurial environment;
Huge accountability with freedom to decide and act;
Very dynamic and fast paced growth;
Sense of urgency mixed with Anything is Possible mindset. Belief that passion and discipline beat experience and education!

Having gone through our historic recruitment’s, I acknowledged we have not had a great track record for adapting people from outside (50%) with culture misfit being the main driver. So with the goal in mind to improve at least to 75%, I started to… dream! Dream of a PARTNER, not a head hunter, the one who would FEEL AmRest’s DNA the way Henry, I and our leaders do! Who would have a hunch how to explain and who to why Henry”s title is Chief Emotional rather than Chief Executive Officer! I like shopping as most women do, but having tailor made clothes makes all the difference in the world! It guarantees quality and it FEELS amazing!

I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to one! In a very short time, Mark has become a great partner, my “tailor”. Just like James Bond being equipped with just the right armor to lead his fights without asking for specific set of tools, I feel Mark anticipates our needs and proactively brings about people (even when positions are not approved yet or the change happens, the later with M&A strategy being a frequent reality), shares AmRest’s story, multiplies our culture.
I trust his “eye” on people, his network and his personal insight.

It’s a very rare virtue these days to feel the care and hiring process designed just “for You”, personalized both for the candidate and the employer. Marrying the needs of multiple stakeholders is never easy and I have never experienced other than Win Win attitude in collaboration.
Gratitude and respect is what I feel while writing these words, and… a bit of fear I will have to share Mark with many other clients! Unless he clones himself sometime soon:)

P.S. Mark with his team helped me improve my stats to 70% as of now, we are on the right track!!!”
Oksana Staniszewska, Chief People Officer Amrest[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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