Virtual Board Advisors

Virtual Board Advisors

Do you want to join our Virtual Board Advisory panel?

As our business worlds are rapidly evolving, it’s hard enough to keep up, let alone get ahead of the curve. With this in mind we are immediately launching a “Virtual Board Advisory” service so CEO’s and Leaders can quickly tap into conversations and build relationships with Senior Talent the world over.

Join us if you can offer fast, insightful know-how on;

  • Global supply chains; getting your products into global markets.
  • E-commerce; setting up or enhancing your online offerings
  • EdTech; how to teach/train your teams
  • Financing; investors, fintech, angel communities
  • Government policy; financing, tax relief, support, latest insight
  • Human Resources; leadership, people, teams, challenges
  • PR; crisis communications, negative media, maximising opportunities
  • Strategy; leadership, markets, insight
  • Virtual communication; how to ensure your teams are connected

We are currently building talent pools of “Board Advisory” global executives who can help CEO’s and Owners with any insight they might need on the above topics across all worldwide markets.

We will kick this off with only an annual admin fee of £599 to register as a Board Advisor. This minimal amount ensures we can keep the database updated, accurately match advisors and CEO’s and keep conversations going. Please use the link below to sign up,

Join our Virtual Board Advisory panel


We take nothing from any arrangements you would charge for your advisory engagements. We can of course guide on pricing and market rates but our aim is to just encourage the connections and make the introductions.

Sign up by emailing me, let us know what your particular business expertise is and across which geographies. Once you are registered you will then be added to our global database of Advisors which we share with our CEO and Business Leader communities.

We are all in this together and helping, sharing and constantly communicating we can ease the pressure on businesses to ensure accurate, insightful expertise can be tapped into at a moments notice.

If you wanted to discuss further before signing up please also reach out. We are building this fast as we see immediate rising needs across our business leaders communities for intelligent, sharing conversations with executives who can help.


Phone: +44 7725 828717

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