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The Naked Headhunter where entrepreneurs go when they need talent.

Our core focus is helping CEO’s, Chairman and Owners hire in the best-fit critical talent for their business.

Whether you are a Chairman in need of a CEO or a CEO in need of a COO or CFO, we are here to make sure you get the best-fit talent in to support your business growth.

Why Connect With Me?

1. Are you in need of Global Executive Talent?
2. Are you building a Board?
3. Are you in need of some tactical Career Transition guidance?
4. Are you searching for your next CEO challenge?
5. Are you looking for your next Board role?

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Mark Hamill
Founder of The Naked Headhunter Group

Mark is considered a thought leader in talent acquisition across mature and emerging markets, and specialises in C-suite roles, CEO succession, and Board development across multiple sectors, Mark is a firm believer and advocate of ‘Care’ within executive search, and passionate that relationships made are for life.  Nomadic by nature and having lived in seven countries over the last ten years,  Mark is happiest whilst having a meal, a coffee or the occasional pint of Murphy’s talking to business leaders across the world.

Key stages in Search

  • Predicting the future
  • Exploring the need
  • Choosing a partner
  • Briefing and tools
  • Agreeing communication
  • Managing the process
  • Added value ‘education of the market’
  • Having fun with interviews
  • Closing
  • Getting performant

Fees & Deliverable Models

I have been working for 20 years on the global search market and I have been constantly struck by how opaque and uninnovative the search market is when it comes to fees. At TNH we have adopted a transparent and collaborative approach to fee setting.

Engaging with a search firm is an incredible sign of trust. We own that trust and become your eyes and ears in the market ensuring with our research team that we diligently engage with all potential and prospect candidates – and we commit to them with our Candidate Care Charter – because we believe relationships are for life and are not transactions.


By 2027 to have helped 1000 of the most passionate entrepreneurs worldwide attract the No.1 hire they need to achieve their vision.



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