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What makes a good corporate leader?

INSIGHTS: from the Naked Headhunter  I’m pretty sure this is a question we’ve all asked ourselves many times.  And I’d also guess that the answer depends on your personal perspective and position within the company.  My answer stems from my personal experience and the executive roles I’ve held and what I’ve...

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Don’t throw the Executives out with the bathwater!

The past half-decide we’ve seen lots of movement in the M&A area, whether it be businesses scoping out and acquiring of innovation-vital start-ups or industry giants looking to consolidate their market position. All this buy-sell movement has one important aspect: consolidation of executive teams.Here are some issues all companies going through...

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Tips on Career Transition

Tips on Career Transition: What to Monitor When You Are Out of the Work Environment.1. Learning never stops: take time to invest in learning something new. This can involve acquiring knowledge, skills or experience that you never had time to gain, while you were working 40+ hours a...

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