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Our VQ Diagnostic Tool Helps Us Understand Where Your Needs Lie

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Visibility Quotient


Sample CEO Surveyed

Visibility is crucial for executives in or evaluating career transition as it enhances their
reputation, expands their network, and increases opportunities for career advancement.
Executives need to actively maintain visibility through networking, personal branding, and
thought leadership to attract new opportunities and stay competitive in the job market.
Additionally, visibility allows executives to showcase their skills, experience, and
accomplishments, positioning them as top candidates for roles within their industry. By
increasing their visibility, executives can secure new opportunities, accelerate their career
progression, and navigate successful transitions.

This Visibility Quotient (VQ) diagnostic will help you position yourself, and have a clear
action plan to master your visibility with insight based on research and our 20+ years
experience helping executives in transition. In the individual consultation following the VQ
questionnaire we will go through the effective strategies together to increase your visibility.

VQ Survey

Visibility Quotient