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Executive Career Transition Classes

Mark shares his 25 years of Executive Search Experiences

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About This Class

Sign up for our upcoming classes, (or book privately) get a discount for all six sessions total price $1999 or $379 per session.

Each session is 90 minutes. Suitable for Executives focused on roles globally with base compensation $200,000 – $500,000.

In these 6 sessions Mark (and his resources) will share his 25 years Executive search experiences to ensure you get full value and lots of take home benefits.

Cracking the Headhunters Code
How to get search firms to work for you and what to expect from them

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Underpaid / Overpaid
We will talk through key compensation data globally and help you understand your market value and comp schemes for your next role

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Killer LinkedIn
How to maximise your visibility, map open roles, maintain discretion, and blow up your network of Key Decision Makers

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Stepping onto Boards
How to get your first paid for Board role, steps, guidance and lots of shared experience and expertise.

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Memorable Elevator Pitch
How to build and fine tune your elevator pitch so you can whip it out at a chance encounter with a Private Equity investor or a Chief People Officer or Chairman.

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Hidden Job Market
Unlocking your networks network; how to maximise and grow your network to connect you with relevant opportunities before they go live!

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Executive Career Transition Classes
1. Cracking the Headhunters Code
2. Underpaid / Overpaid
3. Killer LinkedIn
4. Stepping onto Boards
5. Memorable Elevator Pitch
6. Hidden Job Market
Discount for all six sessions - $1999
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Exclusive Sessions - Max 7 members

Virtual Boot Camps for CEO’s
Looking for your next challenge. Join us tor a series of virtual sessions/max 7 members per session.
Enjoy a professionally moderated forum style transition experience which will focus on;

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More Info

For: Global Executives
Extent: 6 Classes
Length: 90 Minutes
Price: $379 per class

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