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CEO & Key Executive Transition Virtual Boot Camps


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About This Class

After huge demand I am relaunching our Virtual Boot Camps for CEO’s looking for their next challenge. Join us tor a series of virtual sessions/max 7 members per session.

Get market fit for your next leadership challenge!

Enjoy a professionally moderated forum style transition experience which will focus on;

  1. Who are the headhunters globally you need to know and how to get them to work for you!
  2. Is your documentation (cv, board bio, LinkedIn) market representative ?
  3. How to generate more interesting conversations at C-suite/ Board level
  4. Challenge yourself versus your peer group
  5. Master your elevator pitch in peer environment
  6. How to build your board portfolio and step into paid for Advisory roles

We will host a series of 6 sessions to ensure you are running at speed and in the right direction to maximise your probability to source your next challenge.

Reach out to to book your space.

We will run these exclusive sessions over the summer months so spaces are limited.

More Info

For: CEO’s
Extent: 6 Classes
Length: 6 Sessions
Price: $2,400

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Simon Cotton’s video testimonial is the single biggest reason to join a Transition Tribe.

Finding your next role as a seasoned executive is a daunting experience – the proven tribe methodology – will help you learn, share and manage your transition better.