VP HR - EMEA Terumo

Mark is a relationship builder genuinely interested about people. He is Enthusiastic in all circumstances, culturally savvy; Passionate about supporting people finding the organization where they can be at their best and successfully contribute; And Knowledgeable and willing to share about industry and market trends.


Senior Vice President - Smith & Nephew

The first time I met Mark I have been impressed by his informal, unconventional, fresh and friendly style(compared to his peers in the same industry). I was immediately contaminated by his energy and positive attitude. After few minutes I felt like we were longtime friends and for sure I had the clear impression that he would have been a great professional partner for me and my Company… And my gut feeling was simply right!


GM Europe Prinova

I have known Mark for 2 years and have been exposed to his professional side and his personal side.Mark is sharp, fun, extremely well connected and has great business brain which makes him very good at his job as he sees full picture of the business and the person- I wish he could do all our recruiting.


VP HR Asia Pacific - Getinge Group

Marks is extremely knowledgeable about the markets in which he operates and works, yet refreshingly honest enough to admit when he may not know and put you in touch with local experts who do. He frequently shares his insights of which he has many to share.
Mark adds real value through his extensive network of clients and industry contacts. This is particularly helpful in the emerging market countries where more often than not you are on the lookout for trusted experts who you can form useful relationships with.


MD EMEA, LATAM - AsiaPac Vubiquity

The Executive Search industry typically works exclusively for its clients. Prospective candidates are therefore the product!

In this formula, what the industry consistently misses is that today's career transitioning or out of work executive is tomorrow's prospective new client. Understanding that there are a greater number of people that won't get the job is Mark Hamill's unique view. He's a decent, caring human being, as well as being a Search executive. They're not mutually exclusive!

Being out of work is an immensely nerve racking and insecure time. Redundancy has become the norm on any seasoned executive's CV. And regrettably a sense of personal stigma, failure and career guilt are all natural emotions. Mark has carved a niche by being the Yin to the industry's Yang.

He's atypical of the sterotype. He's a flamboyant, intuitive, inquisitive and a liberatingly straight talker. He cares about people as individuals. He's genuinely concerned for an individual's personal emotional welfare during a career transition. He is the square peg in a round hole and he's comfortable there.

And for full disclosure; he has never placed me in an executive search. That's the 'Mark' of our relationship..............still!


People Director - BonMarche

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for the past ten years both as a client and a candidate. Mark is an exceptional businessman, coupling inspirational leadership with strategic thinking. His unwavering focus on delivering value to his clients along with his depth of understanding of the market and unique style have become his hallmarks and have taken him to the forefront of the executive search industry. His sincere, down to earth approach, along with the ability to truly understand what a business requires is an attribute that sets him apart. Mark over the years has become not only a business acquaintance but a friend and mentor that I rely on for honest, grounded advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone who wants to add value to their business .


People & Organisation Officer - Mara CIS & META

I have known Mark for more than 15 years. Over the past years I have seen Mark developing and progressing in many fronts. He is someone that from day one of our interaction came with a great perspective about talent, leadership challenges and opportunities.
Mark’s business acumen, strategic agility, business connectivity, and customer focus is second to none. Mark is well connected to leaders and businesses in both developing and developed world which give him a great competitive edge when it comes to connecting the dots, broad perspective and also to a vast network of resources and knowledge.
I have always enjoyed my interaction with Mark. His curiosity combined with his vast and rich network made him a person that can always offer different perspective and also bring rich perspective on the table.
I am sure that having mark in your network will add a lot to you as a person, as a leader, and will benefit your business and enterprise equally.
Mark, it has and is a great pleasure to have you in my network, and I am looking forward to every and each interaction we will have in the future.


VP - Boston Scientific

If I think of Mark a few words immediately come to mind…Generous, Thoughtful
Extensively networked, Knowledgeable, Supportive, Respected & Innovative
An expert in sourcing, connecting and developing talent, with a unique and comprehensive approach to executive career development.
I am not aware of any other senior professional who works in the broader space of executive sourcing and recruitment who has such personal approach to the services they offer. Your personal investment in activities that are not necessarily related to any particular assignment or brief sets you apart from everyone I have ever dealt with.



I know Mark for many years both personally and professionally. Mark is one of the very few people I know that can effortlessly combine professionalism and effectiveness with a very friendly and non-aggressive approach. He is one of the easiest people to do business with and will go out of his way to find solutions and connect people.


VP - HR Bunge

When I think of you, the first thing that comes to mind is ``networker``. You are someone who knows people and not just connected to them but knows them. I think you are someone who works to understand the people and companies you work with to deliver results that are expected and more. You don't work with people and companies to make them fit a process but you can make a square peg fit in a round hole. Adaptability, speed and genuine connection/relationship with people.

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