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Virtual Advisory Board

The Virtual Advisory Board is a community of highly-experienced, executive-level talent (CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Industry Experts) from 50+ countries representing over 100+ industry sectors.

Our members serve as Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and offer advisory board consulting for businesses around the globe. Join our rapidly growing community to find your next board advisory or non-executive director (NED) placement. VAB offers a fast-track approach to building your personal and professional networks so that you can expedite your journey to new advisory board or non-executive director (NED) roles. Our community was founded on the premise that 80% of executives find board roles primarily through their personal networks. This is precisely the reason you will want to join VAB.

Instead of focusing specifically on board search services, we have built an invite-only community of like-minded professionals who support one another in building members’ individual networks and sharing career lessons that eventually lead to board placements.

Virtual Advisory Board